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"Mitsva" Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Jewish Congress, and Almaty Jewish Community Center present the first collected articles.

  Today studying the past of Jews in Russian Empire and Soviet Union is keen interest of many people. Many articles, essays and books dedicated to different aspects of this theme have been published and have been publishing recently. Nevertheless, there are a lot of things that should be done because not all of them are studied. Particularly, the history of Jews in huge territory of modern Kazakhstan has not been studied properly till present day.
The presented collected articles is the first and the only try to cover in a general way the life of Jewish population of Kazakhstan that time - the remote area of tsarist Russia. The collected articles consists of two parts: articles and documents.

  The articles of the candidate of historical science Tatyana Volkova "The peculiar properties of establishment of Jewish Diaspora in Kazakhstan" and Isaac Greenberg "At the border line of expulsion" tell about general questions of the history of Jews of the region; the region was different from other administrative areas of pre-revolutionary Russia. The difference was in ethnicity and classes diversity of comparatively small number of people of Kazakhstan and special military and bureaucratic executive system. The essay by Almaty regional specialist Vladimir Proskurin "Jews in Semirechye" is very original essay about real inhabitants of Vernyi City who were the members of the Vernyi Jewish Community.

  The second part, prepared by Tatyana Zhylkina includes 41 documents from the Central State Archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan. They have been published for the first time. The article by Tatyana Volkova and Tatyana Zhylkina anticipates the second part of the book. It tells to readers about presented documents, their subjects and the division into rubrics.

  The materials introduce different aspects of local Jews: their professions, their relations with local authorities, who were watching very carefully the observance so-called law about Jews.

  The publication of these collected articles came about due to help and assistance of Alexander Baron, the president of "Mitsva" Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  The authors really hope that the book will start the subsequent study of the History of Jews in Kazakhstan.

The first edition of "The history of Jews in Kazakhstan"
The first edition of "The history of Jews in Kazakhstan"
  The family of Abraham Leibin.  The beginning of 20th century, Vernyi City
The family of Abraham Leibin. The beginning of 20th century, Vernyi City
(Illustration to the article to the article by Vladimir Proskurin)

Isaac Greenberg
The compiler

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phone number +7 (3272) 73-04-11, 50-62-92
contacts: Alexander Baron, Isaac Greenberg

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